National Key Enterprises and Projects of Culture Export
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Five Enterprises Have Won the Honor as the National Key Enterprises and Projects of Culture Export

On May 23, reporters got the information from Bureau of Commerce of Zigong City that in the list of 2015-2016 National Key Enterprises and Projects of Culture Export, 5 companies and 1 project were chosen as the National Key Enterprises and Projects. The number ranks the 2nd in Sichuan Province after Chengdu.

This list was jointed published by the National Commerce Department, the Propaganda Department of CPC, Finance Department, Culture Department and National News Publication Administration of Radio Film and Television. There are total 13 companies and 3 projects were chosen in Sichuan Province.

The companies chosen in Zigong City are Sichuan Tianyu Culture Communication Co.,Ltd, Zigong Haitian Lantern Company, VYA Creative Lantern Co.,Ltd; Zigong Gengulongteng Science and Technology Co.,Ltd and Zigong Lantern Festival and Trade Corp, taking 37% of the portion in Sichuan. Meanwhile, the “ Australia Chinese Culture Creation Co., Ltd Chinese Lantern Culture Promotion” from Sichuan Tianyu Culture Communication Co.,Ltd was chosen as one of the key projects. Therefore, Zigong has 10 companies, 10 projects which won the honor as the key enterprises and projects since 2007.


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