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Our services including concept, management, production, installation, maintenance, dismantling, disposal and logistics support.

We create a totally different and new concept of China Light Festival, visitors will have amazing experience here, plentiful and interesting China folk activities & entertainment will be absolutely attractive. Also here will bring you unlimited business opportunities.

Creativity is our responsibility. With a successful track record in China Light industry, technology, creativity, knowledge and reliability has earned us an unparallel reputation. We know how to get a project started on the right foot, which helps you avoid costly changes in your project. We keep things moving to meet deadlines and stay on budget. We are expert at smash openings and successful runs. Our philosophy is that realizing win-win by multiple forms of coorperation.We sincerely and warmly welcome you to join us.

We put importance to the safety of whole process, we require each step should be done according to standards, such as design, material choosing, electricity utilization, layout of light objects , touring route, emergency control ,etc. Also we focus on environment protection and energy saving, we are using the power-saving system to meet your requirement.

And all these need Technology, Creative, Knowledge, and Reliability.

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