The simulative animal is a realistic animal model using the modern technology to present its morphological characteristics. The most typical simulation animal in our lantern festival is the simulation dinosaur. The appearance, shape, movement and other aspect of the simulation dinosaur are very vivid, which give our visitors a lively visual understanding of the dinosaurs in ancient times.

There are two types of simulation dinosaurs on the market. The first type is sculpting dinosaurs. Its main materials are steel, fiberglass and cement and requires sophisticated technology. Steel is used as the skeleton of the dinosaur, with the skin made of fiberglass and cement so that the dinosaur could be made into different poses, which really make it look as natural as though it were living. 

The second type is the animatronic dinosaur. The stent is made of steel, high-density sponge is used for three-dimensional processing to make dinosaur muscles, and fibers were added to the muscles to increase the strength of dinosaur skin. The silicone was then diluted and evenly brushed onto the muscles to from the dinosaur skin, of course we won’t forget to spray the color onto the skin. After all that, we need to implant the control program to finish the lifelike dinosaur whose head, neck and other body part can move around. If you were there, you may even hear the simulated dinosaur sounds added through the control program.

As an interactive entertainment for all ages, simulated animals have been exhibited in our various lantern festivals for many times. The simulation dinosaurs are very popular among the visitors and are one of important parts of Tianyu lantern festivals.